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If you love onions, you’ll want to get your hands on this toasty, springy cheese from German cheesemaker Albert Kraus. Stuffed with Bavarian ramps, this cow’s milk wheel is bursting with notes of wild onion and garlic, with a subtle nuttiness and sweetly herbal profile. Ramps, sometimes called wild leeks, are are a highly seasonal foraged allium that bridges the gap between the gentle flavor of spring onion and the bright intensity of fresh garlic. Aged for four months, this prized cheese is delightfully toothsome and elastic, with grassy undertones that speak to the pastures of Southern Germany, where this cheese’s milk was harvested. Ramps are known to pair perfectly with bacon and hearty soups, so grab a few slices of this rare and delicious beauty to enjoy alongside roast beef or soup with a glass of bold red wine.

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Rennet Type
3 Months