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Vermont Salumi Red Wine And Garlic Salami 4oz

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This Red Wine and Garlic salami is a robust and approachable addition to any charcuterie board or picnic spread. Vermont Salumi makes this rich pork salami using traditional Italian techniques, combining mouthwatering garlic and earthy red wine to complement the gamey essence of the pork. The salami’s natural casing also allows for a satisfying depth of flavor. Serve a few slices with mild Italian cheeses like Ciresa Fontina Fontal, or try pairing it with wine-soaked cheeses like Mitica Drunken Goat.

About the Maker

  • Vermont Salumi is a charcuterie operation based out of Barre, Vermont.

  • Founder Peter Roscini Coleman grew up in Vermont and spent summers with his family in Umbria, Italy, where he developed a love for traditional Italian meats.

  • Vermont Salumi takes inspiration from timeless Italian recipes, flavors, and techniques to craft artisan pork selections humanely sourced from local pigs.

  • Their products combine the best of Italian charcuterie traditions with the flavors and sustainable practices of Vermont’s best farms.

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