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Trufflin® Renaissance Caviar 2oz


Commonly referred to as “shovelnose sturgeon” or “sand sturgeon,” this refined domestic Hackleback Sturgeon caviar is one of the few options for wild-caught caviar. With a distinct salty flavor and characteristic nuttiness, it’s perfect for topping anything from corn and red pepper pancakes to burrata grilled cheese, especially with a glass of brut champagne.

Store your caviar in the coldest section of your fridge once received. Any unused caviar can be covered with plastic wrap to eliminate air bubbles. Close the lid and store. Once opened, caviar is ready to enjoy. 

Do not wait longer to consume within 3 days for peak quality and do not freeze caviar. Through our partnership, Trufflin' orders will be shipped from an alternate facility outside of Murray’s. You will receive a separate tracking number from Trufflin' for your order.

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