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Scotch Lover's Collection


There are many complexities in tasting cheeses - notes of funk, and meatiness - which stand up best to a smoky, peaty scotch. While we don't need to find many excuses to enjoy a good glass of Scotch Whisky (rocks or neat, or any way you like it!), we encourage you to enhance your tasting experience with a perfectly paired gift collection. Everything in the Whisky Lover's Collection pairs particularly well with the world's mot popular whisky - but we're sure you'll want to do your own research. 

Included in this collection:

Murray's 1 Year Manchego

Pyrenees Brebis

Murray's Pecorino Tartufello

Murray's Spiced Cherry Preserves

Scottish Heather Honey

Firehook Sea Salt Crackers

18-Month Serrano Ham