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Brooklyn Cured Sliced Smoked Beef Salami 3oz


This salami is as New York as it gets--inspired by local deli selections, Brooklyn Cured Beef Salami is a lightly smoked, zesty snack. Sliced thin with a beautifully marbled, deep red coloring, this iconic charcuterie is a staple of every butcher counter and cheese board alike. Brooklyn Cured, the mastermind behind this tasty treat, has been creating renowned small-batch charcuterie since 2010. Inspired by Brooklyn's rich history and diverse culture, their line of smoked meats, sausages, salumi, and more has been developed through the expertise of founder Scott Bridi. Richer than its pork-based counterpart but with the traditional savory tang of classic salami, this robust beef selection is seasoned with a blend of beloved deli spices, making it the ideal choice for a homemade sandwich or charcuterie plate.

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Just the Facts

United States
New York, Mid-Atlantic
3 oz