Swiss & Nutty

There’s a “hole” lot more to Swiss cheese than its iconic appearance--Switzerland is a one of the great cheese regions of the world, having birthed classics like Gruyère, Emmentaler, Appenzeller, and so many more. With a rich history and an even richer flavor profile, Swiss cheeses are known for being grassy, nutty and firm, with a subtle sweetness that make them ideal for slicing onto sandwiches or snacking on with crackers. Why do some Swiss cheeses have holes? During the cheesemaking process, the bacteria interacts with the lactic acid and forms air pockets, which give us the small holes or eyes in many popular cheeses. Similarly, the renowned nuttiness of these snackable favorites comes from the milk curds being cooked at higher temperatures. Incredibly versatile and delightfully toasty, these crowd-pleasing cheeses are also the perfect base for fondue, so melt some down and see why Swiss selections are considered some of the best around!

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Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère
Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté
Gruyere Alpage Moleson
3 Year Comté
Ciresa Fontina Fontal
Alp Blossom
Marieke Aged Gouda
Appenzeller Extra
Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise
18 Month Emmentaler
Scharfe Maxx Extra
Tete De Moine Whole Wheel
Girolle & Tete de Moine Set
Boska Girolle Machine
Tete De Moine