The Après Ski Board

The Après Ski Board

Bold eats for snacking off the slopes
The Après Ski Board
Whether you’re on a trip to the mountains or just bundling up at home, this spread is guaranteed to transport you to a five-star travel lodge. This deluxe snacking platter has a rustic edge that’s made for some sweet post-skiing indulgence, so come in from the cold and dig into our selection of rich, aromatic cheeses like fruity, funky Tarentaise and spoonable, woodsy award-winner Greensward, plus some bites for easy, cheesy dipping like crunchy cornichons, marinated spicy Brussels sprouts, crackers, and more.
  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Assembly Time : 10 min.
  • Total Time : 20 min.
  • Serves: 2-4

Prep and Assembly Directions

  1. Remove the top of the Greensward.
  2. Partially slice the Tarentaise into batonettes, leaving half of the cheese intact.
  3. Triangle slice the Appalachian.
  4. On a round board, place the three cheeses along the edge, about two inches apart each. Place the Greensward just right of top center, the Tarentaise towards the bottom right, and the Appalachian directly across.
  5. Make a neat pile of salami to the right of the Appalachian.
  6. Shingle a line of crackers stretching across the middle of the board between the Tarentaise and the Appalachian.
  7. Create a pile of cornichons along the bottom edge of the board between the Tarentaise and the Appalachian. Around the right side of the Greensward, make a neat pile of Brussizzle Sprouts.
  8. Fill the remaining space on the board with cubed baguette and sage, and set out a bowl of potato chips for dipping.

  • The Après Ski Board
  • The Après Ski Board

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