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The Cheese and Roses Board

The Cheese and Roses Board

Fall in love with this collection of heavenly bites.
The Back to School Cheese Board next to a lunch box and homework
Sweep them off their feet with a cheese board (or box!) they’ll love. Whether you’ve planned an evening of romance with your significant other or a Galentine’s Day celebration with your girls, this heart-shaped stunner has enough to please any palate. A mix of sweet and savory choices will steal everyone’s heart. Snackable cheddar, sliced Genoa salami, heart-shaped cookies, and more. It’s a little sweet, a little salty, and way more dynamic than a box of chocolates.
  • Prep Time : 15 min
  • Assembly Time : 10 min
  • Total Time : 25 min
  • Serves: 2




  1. Cube the Grafton Village Truffle Cheddar.
  2. Cut the Alisios® into matchsticks.
  3. Slice your wedge of Comté into 1/4" thick slices enough to fit a small heart-shaped cookie cutter. Press the cookie cutter into cheese slices. Place the heart-shaped pieces into individual petit four papers.
  4. Make three salami roses by placing slices around the rim of a wine glass. We love this video tutorial


  • Place a small bowl (red, if you have it!) in the center of the empty heart-shaped box.
  • Add your cheeses: Arrange the heart-shaped Comté pieces in their papers in the upper-left lobe of the heart, with the Alisios® matchsticks arranged right below, following the left-hand curve of the heart. You should be curving around the center bowl. Below the matchsticks, place the two pieces of Bijou, nearing the heart’s bottom point. About halfway down the heart’s right side, make a neat pile of the cubed Truffle Cheddar.
  • Add your accompaniments: Next to the Comté, make a triangle from your three salami roses, entering the upper-right lobe of the heart and reaching down to the Truffle Cheddar. Fill in the rest of the upper-right section with Taralli. Fill in the empty section toward the bottom of the heart with the Mini Mixed Hearts. The box’s interior should now be full.
  • Place the Chocolate Covered Figs or chocolates from the the heart-shaped box in the small bowl.

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Vermont Creamery Bijou 4 oz
Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté
Murray's Sliced Genoa Salami 4oz
Naturpuglia Taralli Classic 8.8oz