Board: The Christmas at Murray’s Board

The Christmas at Murray’s Board

The ultimate festive feast
The Christmas at Murray’s Board
‘Tis the season for cheese boards! This Christmas, gather your family around this Yuletide spread. Festive, bright, and undeniably delicious, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite crowd-pleasing cheeses and a whole lot of sweet sides to create a colorful platter that’s guaranteed to be a hit at your holiday party. The cheesy stars of this masterpiece are creamy Delice, a bold, spicy blue, sweet, crunchy Parm, and smooth, nutty Beaufort--we’ve paired them with silky Jambon de Bayonne and decadent truffle salami for a touch of savory bliss, along with gingerbread cookies, chocolate, crackers, and seasonal condiments to bring on the Christmas cheer.
  • Prep Time : 20 min
  • Assembly Time : 30 min.
  • Total Time : 50 min.
  • Serves: 4-6


  • 1 ea. Pomegranate
  • 1 ea. Cauliflower
  • 1 bunch Red grapes
  • Greens for garnish


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Partially chunk the 5 Year Parmigiano Reggiano, leaving 3/4 on the rind.
  3. Slice the Beaufort into long rectangle batons.
  4. Slice the Tartufo Salami into thick coins.
  5. Break up the chocolate bar into large, uneven pieces.


  • On a rectangular board, place one empty jar in the top left corner, about an inch from the edge. Place another empty jar just below left of the center of the board, diagonal from the other jar.
  • In the bottom right corner of the board, diagonal from the jars and about two inches from the right edge, place the Delice. About 1-2 inches above that, place the 5 Year Parm and chunks. About an inch to the left of that, pile the Beaufort slices, stretching upwards from the center jar to the top edge of the board. On the left edge of the board, just below the top jar, place the blue cheese, and partially chunk its bottom edge.
  • Fill the space between the Beaufort and the 5 Year Parm with Jambon de Bayonne. Create a neat pile of salami coins in the bottom left corner of the board, about an inch from the left edge.
  • In the top and bottom right corners of the board, create two piles of Firehook crackers. Along the bottom left edge of the board, stretching from the blue cheese to the bottom, make a neat pile of Rustic Bakery Twinkles, leaving some space between the cookies and the salami.
  • Make a long pile of marcona almonds, from the bottom edge of the board against the right side of the salami, touching the bottom of the lower jar, up to the bottom of the Beaufort/Jambon. In the top left corner of the board, fill the space behind the jar with chocolate.
  • Fill the top jar with Pinecone Bud Syrup and the bottom jar with Murray’s Cranberry Orange Preserves.
  • Break open a pomegranate and place the pieces in the space between the marcona almonds and the Delice. Fill the empty space on the right edge of the board with a bunch of red grapes. Place a few heads of cauliflower in the empty space in the middle left of the board.
  • Add greens or herbs of your choosing throughout the board to fill the empty spaces or accentuate cheeses.

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Parmigiano Reggiano 5 Years
Murray's Delice 7oz
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