The Crowd-Pleaser

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When you need to get your snack on, nothing satisfies like that sweet and salty combo. Your crowd will love all the nuts in various forms, from salt roasted to chocolate covered, as well as the irresistibly salty tostones and cheesy Parmesan Cheesebites. For the snacker who craves a crunch, this collection hits all of the right notes

The Crowd Pleaser includes: 
NUTTY BobbySue's Original Nuts
RICH Piedras de Chocolat
CRUNCHY Murray's Tostones
CRUMBLY Murray's Parmesan Cheesebites
ROASTED Bazzini Pistachios
ASSORTED Spanish Cocktail Mix

The Crowd Pleaser contains 3.75 pounds of snacks. Will serve 15-18 munching friends or family.

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