The Game Day Board

The Game Day Board

Serve up Sunday’s best snacks in style
The Game Day Board
Whether it’s college football, the Super Bowl, or just a lazy afternoon in front of the TV, this supremely snackable board is a game day fan’s ultimate feast. Gather your friends and dig into this spread of easy, cheesy eating, with favorites like Maple Leaf Pepper Jack and Murray’s Double Creme Brie, plus finger food classics like the gourmet Victor’s String Cheese, cocktail nuts, and prosciutto. With a blend of bright flavors, sweet spice, and plenty of crunchy, salty goodness, this cheese platter is guaranteed to please when the crowd gets hungry at halftime.


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Chunk the Boerenkaas Gouda.
  3. Slice the Pepper Jack into cubes.
  4. Partially deconstruct the String Cheese into ribbons, leaving half intact.
  5. Cut one or two small slices off the wedge of Brie.
  6. Slice the Genoa Salami into medium-sized coins. Slice the Summer Sausage into medium-sized coins with the casing attached.


  • On a rectangular board, place two empty jars as if on a diagonal line stretching from the bottom left corner to the top right corner, with about 3-4 inches of space from each corner and about 4-5 inches of space between the two jars.
  • Between the two jars, in the very center of the board. Place the chunks of Gouda in a semi-circle around the left half of the Epoisses, skirting the left jar if needed. In the top left corner, place the wedge of Brie and slices. In the bottom right corner, place the String Cheese, with the loose ribbons spreading out into the board. Create a pile of Pepper Jack cubes wrapping around the right jar and spreading up to the top edge of the board.
  • Create two curved lines or a neat pile of Summer Sausage that fills the space between the bottom of the left jar and Epoisses to the bottom edge of the board. Drape the prosciutto in a pile from the left edge of the board, just below the Brie, towards the center of the board.
  • Fill the space at the bottom left corner of the board with tostones, and create a pile of crackers in the top right corner of the board.
  • Fill the space between the Brie and the Genoa Salami with peppadews. Fill the space between the String Cheese and the crackers with pickles, and fill the space in the middle with Spanish Cocktail Mix.
  • Fill one jar with Murray’s Spiced Cherry Preserves and the other with Murray’s Whole Grain Mustard.

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Epoisses 8oz
$29.00/Each $32.00/Each
Murray's French Double Crème Brie
Boerenkaas Gouda
Maple Leaf Pepper Jack
Murray's Sliced Genoa Salami 4oz
Prosciutto San Daniele 3oz
Murray's Whole Grain Mustard 7oz