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The Wisconsin Cheese Board

The Wisconsin Cheese Board

Serve the freshest selections from America’s cheese heartland
wisco cheese board
We’ve packed the flavor of Wisconsin’s best onto one colorful cheese board! Featuring slices of Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Marieke Gouda, and a wedge of Smokehaus Blue, plus a selection of Murray’s charcuterie and accompaniments.
  • Prep Time : 15 min.
  • Assembly Time : 20 min.
  • Total Time : 35 min.
  • Serves: 8
Printer Friendly Board Instructions (PDF)


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Triangle cut all the cheese except the Smokehaus Blue. Chunk the Smokehaus Blue, leaving ¾ of the wedge intact.
  3. Fold both salamis into flat rosettes
  4. Slice the corn into coins.


  • In the top left corner of the board, place an empty jar. Fan the triangles of Pleasant Ridge Reserve around the jar, with the tips pointing outward. About 1 inch out from that, create a curved line of shingled Grand Cru stretching from the left edge of the board to the top middle edge of the board. In the bottom right corner of the board, place the wedge and crumbles of Smokehaus Blue. Place a pile of Marieke Gouda triangles in the top right corner of the board, and a pile of Bourbon BellaVitano triangles an inch left of the Smokehaus Blue, both with triangle tips pointing inwards.
  • Between the Bourbon BellaVitano and the Smokehaus Blue, make a neat pile of flat Calabrese Salami rosettes. On the upper right edge of the board, just below the pile of Marieke Gouda, neatly shingle the flat Genoa Salami rosettes.
  • Below the line of Grand Cru, shingle the Firehook Sea Salt Crackers in the same pattern, creating a curved pile that stretches across the board.
  • Pile Cornichons in the space between the Smokehaus Blue and the Genoa Salami.
  • Pile Blenheim Apricots in the empty space between the Firehook Crackers, Cornichons, salami, and cheese.
  • Along the top edge of the Grand Cru line, in the empty space, create a curved pile of snap peas in the same pattern with coins of corn placed throughout.
  • Place some leafy greens of your choosing in the center of the board for garnish.
  • Fill the empty spaces near the top left corner of the board with blueberries.
  • Fill the empty jar with Murray’s Apple Butter Preserves.

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