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Tia Lupita Chipotle 8oz


Truly authentic hot sauce follows the principle that less is more: the biggest flavor comes from using just a handful of excellent ingredients. This smoky, rich sauce packs a punch of toasty heat from perfectly ripened chipotle peppers, plus a zing of fresh vinegar and just a hint of sweetness. This genuine Mexican hot sauce goes great on meats of all kinds, making it the perfect spicy substitute for a barbecue spread. 

Tia Lupita is known in her community for her ever-present hair curler and her family’s hot sauce recipe. When her son moved from Mexico to the US, she’d ship him bottles for a taste of home. His friends soon tasted it, and they became insatiable. So the son got the mother’s blessing (and recipe) and began bottling her sauce. It’s just as authentically Mexican as it’s ever been, a family tradition passed down through generations and perfected with time. This is that sauce, and it goes great on everything from tacos to soups.

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