Tinned Fish

These salty snacks come straight from the sea! Tinned or canned fish are a classic Mediterranean snack, and we think these briny bites are worth sharing. We’ve got the freshest selection of the best fish ready to be popped from the can--from tuna and mackerel to anchovies and sardines, plus cockles, and even octopus! Enjoy them cold with a fresh salad, or check out our collection of Great Taste recipes for inspiration on how to cook these mouthwatering undersea morsels, plus the sauces and accompaniments we love best.

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Trufflin® Pearl Primus Caviar 1oz
Trufflin® Nefertiti Caviar 1oz
Trufflin® Notorious Caviar 1oz
Trufflin® Renaissance Caviar 2oz
Matiz Mackerel in EVOO 3oz
Matiz Boquerones 4.25oz
Matiz Octopus in EVOO 4.2oz
Matiz Sardines With Piquillo 4.2oz
Matiz Cockles In Brine 4.2oz