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Un Posto Italiano Gnocchi 16oz

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These plump little pillows are 100% authentically Italian. Un Posto Italiano uses local organic potatoes and soft wheat flour that comes directly from Lombardia, Italy to craft a traditional gnocchi, of a style that far outdates the use of potato in the dish. Like a great gnocchi should be, this one is a study in contrasts, at once fluffy and dense, light and hearty, rustic and delicate. Quality pasta is about two things: the best possible ingredients and the most authentic possible process. And that’s why it simply doesn’t get better than Un Posto Italiano, Brooklyn’s own pasta shop. How fresh are their pastas? So fresh that they are made to order. That’s why for Italian Month, we are excited to be offering a selection of Un Posto Italiano’s pastas. That’s right, just for September, you can get their authentic, handmade chitarrina, spaghetto, tagliatelle, and gnocchi delivered directly to your door. For optimal freshness, consume within 5 days of receipt.

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