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Un Posto Italiano Tagliatella 8oz

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Tagliatelle are long, flat ribbons, the classic noodles for a Bolognese sauce. When it comes to pasta, the ingredient list is simple, which is why quality and technique make all the difference. Un Posto Italiano uses re-milled semola flour direct from Italy and organic eggs. Back in the 1800s, owner Antonio Capone’s grandfather was a pasta maker in Abruzzo, Italy. Capone uses his family’s generations-old recipes for his pastas—you won’t find a more authentically Italian noodle this side of the Atlantic.

How fresh are Un Posto Italiano’s pastas? So fresh that they are made to order. That’s why for Italian Month, we are excited to be offering a selection of Un Posto Italiano’s pastas. That’s right, just for September, you can get their authentic, handmade chitarrina, spaghetto, tagliatelle, and gnocchi delivered directly to your door. For optimal freshness, consume within 5 days of receipt. 

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