Looking to skip the cheese and meat? Our selection of vegan accompaniments is guaranteed to please. From authentic antipasti to gourmet baked goods, we’ve got a wide range of vegan-friendly eats that include olives, crackers, jams, and much more.

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Treat Spiced Almonds 3.5oz
Treat Spiced Pecans 3oz
Blackberry Farm Tennessee Chow Chow 16oz
$14.40/Each $18.00/Each
Blackberry Farm Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 12oz
$18.40/Each $23.00/Each
Trufflin® Burgundy Truffles 1oz
Trufflin® White Truffles 0.5oz
Murray's Truffle Shaver
Losada Carmona Olive Mix 12oz
Losada Gordal Olives Pitted 12oz
Losada Aloreña Olives Pitted 12oz