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Vermont Creamery Unsalted Chef Roll 16oz


To paraphrase Julia Child, a little butter makes life a lot better. We like to butter up our toast with butter from one of our favorite New England creameries, Vermont Creamery because we know their craftsmanship is top of the cream-line. While working on a dairy farm in Brittany, France, Vermont Creamery's Allison Hooper learned a thing or two about churning cultured cream (cr'me fraiche) into thick, buttery butter. Churned in small batches, the cream transforms into a rich European-style butter with 86% butterfat and fresh off the farm taste. Cultured Butter is great for baking, pan searing meats, on your toast, and slathered all over...you get the idea. This butter's like buttah. Salted or Unsalted.

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