Welcome to the Green Mountain State! From the land of maple, snow and flannel comes this collection of delicacies crafted by some of our favorite Vermont artisans. With a dreamy bloomy rind, a classic cheddar, a Swiss-inspired stunner and a famous blue cheese, you’ll be set with a perfectly balanced plate of dairy delights. Combine these with herbaceous, crunchy lavash crackers and caramel like you’ve never had it before and you’ve got the perfect celebration of New England’s cheesiest state.

The Vermonter comes in our  Murray's Insulated Picnic Cooler, and includes:

RICH Vermont Creamery Cremont
FUNKY Grafton 2 Year Cheddar Brick 16oz
CLASSIC Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue
SWEET Fat Toad Caramel
SEEDED Jan's Farmhouse Crisps

Serves 6-8 flanneled folks, and contains 1.25 lbs. of cheese and 12 oz. of snacking.

Photos from Our Community