La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Italian Month is here! All through September, we’re exploring the best flavors of Italy with authentic recipes, new arrivals, and Italian favorites. Plus, we’re serving up everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pasta, pizza, and of course, Italian cheese.

Italian Cheeses

We’ve got the best of Italy right here, from classics like Parmigiano Reggiano to decadent favorites like Moliterno al Tartufo.

Italian Cheese Boards

Our latest boards give a nod to Italy! These creative spreads feature our best antipasti, and of course, our top Italian cheeses.

La Scuola Del Formaggio

Want to learn more about Italian cheese? We’ve got your guide to formaggio right here, with everything you need to become an expert.

All Pizza

We’ve got everything you need to bring this classic Italian favorite home with you, including sauces, cheeses, and original recipes from NYC’s best.

All Pasta

From homemade sauces to meal starter kits and authentic Italian noodle varieties, our selection of pasta essentials is out of this world.

Italian Cooking

Want to whip up a homemade dish like an Italian chef? Check out our original recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to bring the flavors of Italy home with you.