Welcome to Murray's Cheese Wholesale

Hi folks! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting us yet, we are a landmark NYC cheese shop offering the best selection of cheese, meat and grocery items, backed by the convenience and service of a company many times our size. Or as we like to say: small but mighty!

Read on for your one-stop shopping guide to Murray’s Wholesale. Everything you ever wanted to know about the who, what, where, when and how to order from the best cheese shop on earth. If at the end you still have questions, just get in touch!

Phone: (646) 553-3484 | Email: wholesale@murrayscheese.com | Web Contact Form

Delivery Schedule

Delivery is available in NYC and Brooklyn Monday-Friday in the afternoon only.

Delivery is available to Queens on Tuesday afternoon.

Deadline to place an order for same day delivery is 11AM ET.

FedEx orders are shipped Monday-Friday. Cutoff is 12pm EST for next day delivery.

To place an order, you can leave it on the voicemail at 646.553.3484 or you can email us at wholesale@murrayscheese.com.

What We Do

Cave Aging:

Travel below the depths of our store and you will find the heart and soul of our operation, The Caves.

Rotating Seasonal Selection:

We are innately curious and continually cull cheese from producers across America and all over Europe, seeking out the best of the best.

Personalized Customer Service:

A bunch of self-admitted cheese nerds, we are on hand to talk about cheese around the clock -- just test us.

Expert Training:

Come watch the mold grow at our regular Industry Monday events or have our team come to your place and lay down some serious cheese knowledge.

Continuing Education:

From our weekly newsletter to a chef’s bootcamp with the International Culinary Center, we’re here to keep the spark alive. Send out the bat signal and let us know how we can help you out.

Fresh & Fast Delivery:

All cheeses are cut by the pound to order and we deliver by van, truck, airplane, or even by a really fast donkey -- any means necessary ...