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Gettin’ Grilled: Murray’s Celebrates National Grilled Cheese Month!

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It's a Murray's melt down! A whole month devoted to grilled cheese? What could be better! From coast-to-coast, Murray's will be celebrating all that is ooey-gooey! The Big Cheesy (New York) On April 12th and 13th we will be going head-to-head in the ultimate NYC grilled cheese competition. Some of NY's premiere sandwich slingers and cheese rock stars will face off in the Big Cheesy, New York's ultimate grilled cheese competition. The melt-off will be held at Openhouse Gallery, and Sixpoint will be serving some cold brews to wash down all of that melted goodness. You can find all the details you need here. Our master melters will be serving up samples of these two contenders: "The Peppa Jack" Sweet Peppadews with creamy and slightly spicy Pepper Jack cheese "The Picante Pig" Pulled Pork and black beans, with a salsa verde dipping sauce The Grilled Cheese Invitational (Los Angeles) Now that Murray's is fully rocking out in LA, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to throw down in this years Grilled Cheese Invitational. Twenty cheesemasters will bring their A Game to determine who is the best Grilled Cheese Master of the west. This is all going down on Saturday, April 12th ... Read More

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Game of Tommes: A Cheese Plate for the Houses of Westeros

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“The cheese will be served when I want it served, and I want it served now.” -Queen of Thorns Winter is Going. All men must eat some cheese…. Read More


A New Batch Of Bayley Hazen!

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On a recent trip to snowy Vermont, our Cavemaster tasted no fewer than 25 batches of cheeses for our stores and It’s a tough job, but somebody has… Read More


Smokin’ It Old School: Surry Farms Surryano

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by Connor Pelcher The first British settlers arrived in Jamestown  in 1607, bringing hope – and hogs. The pigs were left to their own devices, rapturously descending on… Read More