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  1. Palacios Spanish Chorizo Quick View

    Palacios Spanish Chorizo

    Made traditionally with smoked pimenton from a generations old recipe in La Rioja region, this chorizo is chunky, chewy and earthy. Read More
  2. Jamon Serrano Quick View

    Jamon Serrano

    More gamey and earthy than its Italian cousins, this Spanish ''mountain ham'' has a rich and salty flavor that adds depth antipasti dishes. It's just as delicious thinly sliced and eaten on its own. Read More
  3. Chorizo Iberico de Bellota (4 oz Sliced) Quick View

    Chorizo Iberico de Bellota (4 oz Sliced)

    Forget everything you know about workaday deli chorizo and prepare yourself for a true taste of the Spanish countryside. Silken, acorn-finished Iberico de Bellota is spiced with rich Pimenton de la Vera for a rustic, earthy treat, especially paired with a zesty Txakolina. Read More
  4. Matiz Sardines Quick View

    Matiz Sardines

    When it comes to fish in cans, Spaniards do it better. These delicate sardines from Galicia taste almost as good as fish straight off the grill, and don't have any of the oily or salty finish that makes other sardines so unpleasant. Moist and tender, they are tasty enough to eat all by themselves, but would add flavor to any pasta sauce, salad, or sandwich that calls for a hint of the sea. Read More
  5. Ortiz Ventresca Tuna Quick View

    Ortiz Ventresca Tuna

    Ortiz is still a family run business near the Bay of Biscay, Spain, buying from day boats that catch via line and poll. Read More

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