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  1. Nduja, 5oz Quick View

    La Quercia
    Nduja, 5oz

    Sausage and pate converge! Soft, spicy and decadent, nduja packs a serious pork punch and spreads like butter. Traditionally made by finely grinding pork into a smooth paste with plenty of chilis, nduja changes the game on sausage. Drape some on your pasta for a creamy, succulent Italian experience. Spread it on dough for a mind-blowing pizza. Or just smear it on a crusty baguette and call it a night. Spreadable salami – why didn’t we think of this sooner? Read More
  2. Truffle Mousse Quick View

    Fabrique Delices
    Truffle Mousse

    What’s better than truffles? Perhaps creamy chicken livers, porcini and heady truffles marinated in sherry. Such decadence, from the meat masters in Hayward, California. Serve with a tawny port and mushroomy brie. Read More
  3. Duck Mousse with Port Wine Quick View

    Fabrique Delices
    Duck Mousse with Port Wine

    Duck Mousse with Port Wine! Read More
  4. Cornichons Quick View

    Les Trois Petit Cochons

    Serving pate at your picnic? Making a sandwich with French ham and brie on a baguette? If you answered ''yes'' to either of these questions, you need this jar of baby sour gherkins. Their pleasant tartness will temper the meat's richness. Read More

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