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Petit Billy

Made from the pasteurized milk of goats grazing the medieval town of Billy in France's Loire Valley; but you're right, 'billy' is also a male goat - a cheesy coincidence! These small rounds of fresh chevre are incredibly light with a pleasant, lactic tang. Made by the same producer as our lightly aged Loire goats like Valencay and Selles Sur Cher, but without the addition of external mold cultures. An ideal starter on a summer cheese plate, these little beauties leave no residual flavor to mar the procession of a board. Choose a regional grassy white, such as a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

Just the facts

Country France
Region Centre
Milk Type Goat
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 2-3 weeks
Cheese Type Fresh and Chevre
Wheel Weight 8 ounces
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Typically bright and lemony, with clean citrus flavors. Can also have grassy and vegetal aromas (think green bell pepper).

    Pair with: Soft, creamy goat milk cheeses, triple crèmes or mixed milk cheeses with a mineral edge, like Nettle Meadow Kunik or La Tur.

  • Wheat Beers

    Wheat Beer, Weisse, Hefeweizen, Wit

    Wheat Beer, Weisse, Hefeweizen, Wit
    Pair with: Bright, tangy goat’s milk cheeses like Westfield Capri and buttery bloomy rinds like Nettle Meadow Kunik.

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