Cow's milk, cheese cloth, and lard - such a simple combination, but when you combine it with Murray's dedication and passion for cheese, it becomes truly magical. Ezra, named after Cornell University's founder, is the only New York made clothbound cheddar on the market, and it's the result of a year of experimentation. After wheels, fresh from Cornell University, come in at a week and a half, they're wrapped in cheese cloth, rubbed in lard, and allowed to sit and age. The cheese that emerges from those caves is both crumbly and fudgy. Murray's first cheese - from milk to make to our counters - embodies meaty bacon and sour cream to create a robust cheddar with a lingering pineapple scent. Each crumble deserves the sweet murmur of Merlot, or a sip of stout - so pour a glass and cheer's to Murray's first cheese!

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Rennet Type