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Signature Assortments

Signature Assortments

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  1. La Dolce Vita       Quick View

    La Dolce Vita

    Keep your friends close. Keep your cheese plate closer. An overflowing feast of Italian cheeses, salumi, and snacks, this is an ideal pick to share—it’s an abbondanza of flavor. Mangia! Read More
  2. Old Chatham Trio Quick View

    Old Chatham Trio

    Here at Murray’s, we know cheese. So do the folks at Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. That’s why we’ve joined together for this must-have gift. Read More
  3. The MVP: Most Valuable Platter Quick View

    The MVP: Most Valuable Platter

    When the big game deserves a big feast, Murray’s Cheese has you covered with a one-stop shop for the sports fanatics in your living room. Read More
  4. Murray's Brunch Collection Quick View

    Murray's Brunch Collection

    Your brunch repertoire is about to get a Murray’s upgrade! You’ve got your weekend eggs down pat – scrambled and fluffy, sunny side up with oozy yolks, pro-level omelets with olives and peppadews – no matter the technique, add some of our cave aged gruyere for a master class in eggs. Your signature crunchy toast is legendary, smeared with butter of course, but when it’s topped with our warm cream-filled burrata the toast goes to 11, Spinal Tap style. But we’re not stopping there – we’ve included flapjack mix with pure maple syrup, along with our favorite goat cheese and homestyle blueberry jam to smother all over the cakes. To top it off, we included thick-cut strips of cherrywood bacon waiting to be fried up all crispy, and the crème de la crème – our favorite bloody mary mix to put you in … how shall we say … a very giddy brunch mood. Happy brunching! Read More
  5. Viva Espana Quick View

    Viva Espana

    España, the world’s most sought-after culinary destination, is home to the most elegant cheeses and snacks in existence. So we took a cue from the masters and built the ultimate Spanish tapas gift. From grassy sheep’s milk cheese to hot sausage to sweet, fruity quince paste, it’s all here. We also added a wedge of hearty blue with a tight balance of salt and spice, some spreadable buttery cow’s milk cheese and an assortment of almonds – some that are deep fried in sunflower oil, others dipped in chocolate. Our mouths are watering just talking about this. Now we know where Picasso got his mojo from! Read More
  6. Mother's Day Gift Platter Quick View

    Mother's Day Gift Platter


    Seasonal favorites that are uniquely beautiful, just like Mom, paired with sweet cherry jam and buttery oatcakes. We'll send her four unique cheeses to enjoy on her day of leisure; starting with the creamy St. Marks, moving on to the rich, decadent La Tur and finishing off with the sweet Marieke Gouda and lemony Humboldt Fog! Treat Mom like the lady she is with this collection of cheeses and accompaniments that are brimming with style, grace and exquisite flavors.

    Our Mother's Day Gift includes •TANGY Humboldt Fog (8 ounces) •CREAMY La Tur (8 ounces) •SPREADABLE St. Marks (2.8 ounces) •SWEET Marieke Gouda (8 ounces) •FRUITY Murray's Cherry Jam •THICK Murray's Wildflower Honey •FLAKY Effie's Oatcakes *This item only available through Read More
  7. One Stop Accoutrements Quick View

    One Stop Accoutrements

    The icing on the (cheese)cake. Read More
  8. Bacon Lover's Trio Quick View

    Bacon Lover's Trio

    These products aren't from the corner store, they will be the best bacon you've ever cooked. Read More
  9. The King of Cheeses Quick View

    The King of Cheeses

    There's a reason they call Parmigiano the King! We carefully select the best wheels from a small cheesemaker's spring and fall production. Read More

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