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Signature Assortments

Signature Assortments

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  1. New Grill Master Pack Quick View

    Grill Master Pack

    Celebrate America with meat! Big and bold, folks, we’re takin’ big juicy sausages and plump bratwurst, whole grain mustard for a schmear and garlic dill relish for a complex blend of sweet and sour. And because we’re feeling ultra-patriotic, we had an idea of adding some sausage with gooey cheese layered right into it, so we’re putting some Kasekrainer in this pack. That’s right, meet and cheese – two concepts, one product, mind blown, you’re welcome. What are you waiting for? Get grilling! Read More
  2. Old Chatham Trio Quick View

    Old Chatham Trio

    Here at Murray’s, we know cheese. So do the folks at Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. That’s why we’ve joined together for this must-have gift. Read More
  3. The King of Cheeses Quick View

    The King of Cheeses

    There's a reason they call Parmigiano the King! We carefully select the best wheels from a small cheesemaker's spring and fall production. Read More
  4. Slam Dunk Snacks Quick View

    Slam Dunk Snacks

    This is a spread worth cheering for: snackable cheese, savory meats, salty snacks and more, designed for those who know their stuff when it comes to specialty foods AND special teams. Read More

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