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Best of the West


Go west, young man and woman: make cheese. Luckily for all of us, this advice is being taken to heart by numerous adventurous cheesemakers and artisans. This sampling of some favorites includes:

  • .5lb Caveman Blue – Oregon’s Rogue Creamery makes this raw, creamy blue from a single herd of Swiss and Holstein cows

  • 1 pc Haystack Peak – The snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains are embodied in these mushroomy, citric foothills

  • .5 lb Bellwether San Andreas – Raw milk from East Fresian sheep makes up this traditional tome from California—sheepy, gamey and satisfying

  • 1 Boat Street Pickled Figs – From Seattle chef, Renee Ericson, a potent pickling of Black Mission figs soaked in a syrup of wine, cane sugar, and herbs. It’s a perfect match for blues and lightly-aged goat cheeses

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