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The French Connection


There’s no denying the bond between delicious cheese and French craftsmanship—let this collection put you in touch with la vie en fromage. The French Connection will take you for a walk down memory boulevard with its savory, sophisticated flavors and vibrant cheeses. Paired with crackers and a jar of zesty black cherry jam, it’s all that and a bag of je ne sais quoi.

The French Connection ships in our Murray’s wooden gift crate and includes:

NUTTY Comté Saint Antoine
GRASSY Petit Billy
SPICY Bleu d'Auvergne
EARTHY Camembert
CRUNCHY Trois Petits Cochons Petit Toasts
TART Black Cherry Confit

The French Connection contains 2 pounds of cheese and serves 6-8 Fromageophiles.

SERVE WITH A crisp Sancerre, a fruity Pinot Noir, or a sweet Dessert Wine.
MUSIC Brigitte Bardot's "Moi, Je Joue" and Serge Gainsbourg avec Jane Birkin's "Je t'aime... moi non plus"
PERFECT FOR Your Classy Friends, Romantic Evening In, After Dinner Party Cheese Plate
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