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The New Yorker

We tried to box up a yellow cab full of skyscrapers and big dreams, but instead we went with the best edible souvenirs our home state has to offer: fabulous local cheeses, paired with strawberry jam, chocolate and crackers. It's a mini-tasting tour of the Empire State, from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley and back to Manhattan, all packed up in our signature gift crate. If we can make it here, you can eat it anywhere.

Gift Collection ships in our Murray’s Cheese crate and includes:

  • BUTTERY Nettle Meadow Kunik
  • HERBACEOUS Hudson Flower
  • SWEET Salty Road Sea Salt Taffy
  • HOT Mike's Hot Honey
  • SPICY Drink More Ginger Soda Syrup
  • YUMMY Murray’s Munchies Chocolate Bar
  • RUSTIC Sea Salt & Olive Oil Z Crackers

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