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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Greensward 10 oz


Two years ago Murray's and the Cellars at Jasper Hill embarked on a top secret mission to create an exclusive cheese for Eleven Madison Park's Iconic New York menu.The result is a spectacular new pasteurized cow's milk cheese...and Murray's is the only place you can get it!

Creating a new cheese is hard work! Getting Greensward just right took a lot of experimentation: adjusting the micro climate, adding yeast to the Virtue Cider-based brine to combat bitterness in the cheese, and transferring the cheese from cave to cave as it matures in order to achieve the perfect spoonable texture.

So what exactly does this magical creation taste like?  Much in the same tradition of Forsterkase, Winnimere and the venerable Vacherin Mon d'Or, Greensward is big and bacony, with a luscious, silky texture and notes of forest and resin from its tidy spruce jacket. 

Before Central Park became an oasis of greenery within the concrete jungle that is New York City, it was referred to as the “Greensward Plan,” an innovative vision that distilled aesthetic balance from lush landscape and urban development. Greensward was the code word for a harmonious, scenic place that was free to all citizens. We created this cheese to have a similar effect on the palate: short of taking a rambling walk through the Sheep Meadow, there’s nothing else in New York that will put your quite mind at ease in the midst of modern craziness.

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Rennet Type
1 month
10 oz