Grill Master Pack


Enjoy your backyard barbecues with a grilling kit for the ages. Big and bold, we're talkin' juicy sausages and plump bratwursts with whole grain mustard and garlic dill relish for a flavor-packed mix of spicy, sour and sweet. And because you love cheese, we‘re adding some sausage with Emmenthaler layered right into it, delicious Kasekrainer. That's right, meat AND cheese in one sausage! What more can you ask for? Get grillin'!

Grill Master Pack includes:

HEARTY Olympia Bratwurst – 12 oz – 3 links

SMOKY Olympia Kasekrainer – 12 oz – 3 links

SPICY Brooklyn Cured Hot Italian Sausage – 12 oz – 4 links

GARLICKY McCauley's Original Pepper Relish – 9 oz

GRAINY Fallot Dijon Mustard – 7.4 oz