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Virginia Chutney Company Hot Peach Chutney 10oz


The Virginia Chutney Test Kitchen, run by Clare, who grew up in East Africa, and Nevill, who grew up in England, calls Washington, VA in Rappahannock County home. The two met in the Caribbean where they made mango and pineapple chutneys and their passion for the art of chutney (and each other) has burned true ever since. Their focus is on eclectic, regional ingredients that are spiced and preserved in a way that blends international culinary tradition with modern innovation to create distinctive American flavors that are uniquely suited to pairing with cheese. Chutney, which is basically a savory jam (fruit + spice + vinegar), can be used in all sorts of unexpected ways'on meat, fish, or beans'and adds extra zest on a cheese and charcuterie platter.

  • Cranberry ' Stupendous in a grilled cheese with Cabot Clothbound or Fontina Fontal and some sliced Turkey. You can say 'Thanks' all year long.

  • Mango Chutney ' A classic that's traditionally served with curries'we recommend tasting it with Alpine-style cheeses like Tarentaise or Scharfe Maxx.

  • Plum Chutney ' Spoon some alongside a wedge of Colston Bassett Stilton or drop a dollop on a scoop of Harbison. As seen in Saveur's Decadent Cheese Plates