The Jetsetter


Save money on plane tickets this year and take your loved one on a journey through Europe’s most exciting flavors. From a sweet French blue, to a classic English cheddar, to everyone’s favorite Swiss cheese, this collection has everything your giftee needs to be transported on a mouthwatering adventure. Tell them “Bon Appétit/voyage” for us! 

The Jetsetter comes in our Murray's Signature Gift Crate and includes:

SHARP Mrs. Quicke's Cheddar

CREAMY Taleggio

SWEET Persille de Rambouillet

MILD Ewephoria

NUTTY Challerhocker

CRUNCHY Panzanella Crackers

DECADENT Serramel Oak Honey

The Jetsetter contains 2.5 pounds of cheese, and serves approximately 8-10 adventurers.