Nettle Meadow Kunik


This triple creme from Sheila Flanagan in the South Adirondacks packs a powerful one-two punch. She first adds pasteurized goat milk for that characteristic lemony tang. Then she enriches the mixture with fatty Jersey cow cream for a mushroomy, super-buttery and almost inconceivably decadent paste. We buy the cheeses fresh from the vat and ripen them in Cave 3, where they are able to develop clean and slightly vegetal flavors. The result is a guaranteed perfect rind, no ammonia and characteristic minerally finish. Think of a delicate and savory cheesecake, and you won't be surprised when it knocks your socks off with a sparkling, fruity rose.

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Cow, Goat
Rennet Type
3-5 weeks