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La Quercia Speck Americano 3 oz


Think of it as prosciutto's super suave fraternal twin: it's made using the same methods as La Quercia's Prosciutto Americano and then smoked with real applewood, which imbues the ham with a smoky aroma and flavor, on top of its inherently sweet and rich characteristics. The Heritage breeds used are a mix of Duroc, Lancaster and Berkshire, and have been raised by growers that uphold strict animal husbandry standards: no antibiotics, all vegetarian feed, and raised on family farms where they roam freely under the big prairie sky. Happy pigs make healthy, delicious hams! Try the speck on grilled a sandwich with Fontina and arugula, along with a glass of wheat beer, or wrap around melon slices for a sunny afternoon snack.

Just the Facts

United States
3 oz