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Murray's Guide to Cheese Basics

Murray’s knows cheese, and we live to share our newest discoveries. Want to become a cheese genius? You’ve come to the right place. Explore, read and watch – before long you’ll be ready to pair like a pro or build the perfect cheese plate for your next party. But don’t forget, the best way to learn about cheese is to eat it.


Cheese Basics

Everything you ever wanted to know about cheese. Learn to tell different cheese styles apart, how to make a cheese plate and complete your spread with accompaniments. Should you exhibit enough self-control to have leftovers, we’ll tell you the best way to store them. You’ll also find answers to FAQs like, “Is it ok to eat the rind?” Well, is it? Read on to find out…


Pairing Guide

Cheers! Our resident pairing professionals play flavor matchmaker and share the principles behind a perfect pairing. Find recommendations on what cheese to enjoy with your next bottle, be it craft brew or bourbon, red, white or bubbly.

Virtual Cheese Counter

Need a little guidance? Step right up to the cheese counter and let us point you in the right direction. Whether you’re planning a party, making a special recipe or just looking to find something new and delicious he’ll find the cheese that’s just right for YOU.

Curd Alert! The Murray's Cheese Blog

Curd Alert! Is all cheese blogging all the time. Be the first to hear about our current cheese obsessions and new discoveries. Read stories of our cheese-fueled travels around the world. Find recipes from chefs and cheesemongers that you can make at home.


Behind The Rind: Videos

A peek inside our caves on Bleecker Street and a behind-the-scenes look at how a special cheese was created right here in our store -- every video is different, but cheese will always be our star. Sometimes informative, often hilarious, always entertaining.

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