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Murray's Cheese Clubs

Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a food-loving friend, Murray’s Monthly Cheese Clubs are the best way to discover new tastes and get your cheese fix delivered to your door. When it comes to gourmet subscription boxes, Murray’s stands out—we choose only the highest quality selections from the best international and domestic producers and hand pick each product at its peak. And with five unique clubs, we have something to please every palate. Plus, shipping is free on all of Murray's Monthly Club deliveries!

Discover What's New & Improved

Our new monthly clubs are best-in-class cheese experiences, featuring more education, more discovery, and more cheese. Explore our three new themed clubs below, as well as two of our classic clubs with a few extra touches. We can't wait for you to join our exclusive community of cheese lovers.

How It Works


General Information

We apologize for the confusion—exact shipping dates cannot be selected. Our monthly clubs ship for delivery on the second or third week of each month.

The first club shipment is always sent the next calendar month. For example, a club purchased between March 1 and March 31 will send its first shipment in April.

Our monthly clubs are shipped the second and third week of each month. Shipping confirmations are generally sent by the end of the first week of the month. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team for any questions about your club shipment times.

Our mongers taste and select their favorite products at optimal freshness and quality and vary the assortment every month. At this time, we are not able to offer customization of club contents.

Yes! If additional items are in your cart when you purchase a club, those items will ship with your first club shipment.

You can reach our expert customer experience team members at 1-888-MY-CHEEZ Ext. 1 during the weekday hours of 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern. And you can also email us at

Yes! Each club shipment includes a packing slip with purchaser information but never includes pricing.

We have made changes to our offerings, and the one-month cheese club subscription is no longer available. However, we still have a range of subscription options for you to choose from. You can now sign up for our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions, available across our five cheese club options. These longer-term subscriptions will allow you to discover more incredible cheese over an extended period of time. We hope you find a subscription plan that suits your needs. If you're looking to make a one-time purchase of cheeses curated by our mongers, we also offer a range of gift boxes.

Yes! For any changes (skip a month without reducing your total number of club fulfillments, change shipping address, etc.) or questions about your club, please reach out to us via live chat, email, or phone 888-692-4339 Ext. 1 during the weekday hours of 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern. We'll be happy to assist! Certain requests can be accommodated on a limited basis. However, while no guarantees can be made, we will do our best!

Information About Club Changes

The Murray’s team listened to club subscriber feedback and decided to make some changes to improve our offerings! The result is more curation, more education, more community, more cheese, and a better value. Three of our clubs have exciting new themes (see the questions below for more details), which gives our club members a more thoughtfully curated cheese experience. For the Globetrotter’s Cheese Club, Cheese Explorer’s Club, and Cheers to Cheese Club, we’re now including ½-pound pieces of cheese instead of ¼-pound. And inside each club shipment, you’ll find more information, like deep dives, fun facts, and expert advice. 

These changes will go into effect for November 2023 club shipments. If you were already a member of the Classic, Cheesemonger’s, or Perfect Pair club, your October shipment will remain the same, but starting in November, you’ll receive an updated club. For new subscribers, you can sign up for a new club any time in October to receive your first shipment in November.  

The Classic Cheese Club is now the Globetrotter’s Cheese Club—you’ll still receive classic cheeses, but every shipment is now themed around an iconic cheesemaking country or region. The Cheesemonger’s Picks Club is now the Cheese Explorer’s Club—you'll still receive two adventurous, monger-selected cheeses, but the third item is now an exclusive cheese or accompaniment that you can only get in this club. The Perfect Pair Club is now the Cheers to Cheese club—instead of two cheeses and two accompaniments, you’ll now receive three cheeses and one accompaniment, all expertly selected to pair with a specific beverage. The components of the Cheese Board Club and the Mac & Cheese Club will remain the same, with a few extra-special touches in each box. 

No, you’ll receive your club subscription for the same number of months that you initially signed up for. If you were part of the Classic, Cheesemonger’s, or Perfect Pair Club, the theme of your club will shift starting in November for the remainder of your subscription (see above). 

You won’t be charged any additional fees for the remainder of your current subscription! That means you may receive more cheese and more cheese education for the same price you originally paid. If you decide to rejoin your club when it ends, you will be charged the new price. 

We work hard to make each club shipment a unique experience. The only exception is our Globetrotter’s Cheese Club—this club offers 12 months of unique shipments that repeat on a yearly basis. 

The Cheers to Cheese club includes three cheeses and an accompaniment that were selected to pair with a specific beverage, but you will not receive the beverage in the box. You’ll get information about why the cheeses and accompaniment pair well with the beverage, but you’ll also receive a lesson in how to taste cheese and a tasting worksheet every month, which you can use whether or not you include the beverage in your tasting. If you were a member of the Perfect Pair Club and you’re concerned about the Cheers to Cheese Club, please contact us at 888-692-4339 ext. 7 or 

Feel free to reach out to our customer experience team with any questions or concerns. You can call 1-888-MY-CHEEZ Ext. 1 on weekdays between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM ET, or email us at