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Globetrotter's Cheese Club

Globetrotter's Cheese Club
Globetrotter's Cheese Club

Looking for a way to explore the world through cheese? When you join the Globetrotter’s Cheese Club, you’ll get a shipment of classic picks from an iconic cheesemaking region every single month. Each box is a deep dive into a different country—from Spain to Switzerland, the UK to the USA—featuring three ½-pound pieces of cheese and guidance from our experts, who have traveled the world to find the very best. It's up to a year full of delicious discoveries and an incredible way to keep your fridge full of approachable, palate-pleasing cheeses.

"For friends who love to travel, this is my number one gifting pick. The selections are such classics, and it's perfect for someone who likes discovering new places through food (or just eating great cheese every month)."
Murray's Education – New York, NY
Travel the Globe
Get transported to a cheesemaking region every month, with three crowd-pleasing cheeses featuring a diverse array of styles and milk types.
Get the World's Best
Years of research and care go into every selection in this club, whether we're searching for the top version of a classic cheese or something new and unique.
Learn With Every Bite
Be sure to home hungry for cheesy knowledge, as you'll receive an exclusive lesson to take your journey one step further—featuring maps, quizzes, and deep dives.

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