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Cheers to Cheese Club

Cheers to Cheese Club
Cheers to Cheese Club

Pairing cheese with drinks is an art, and the Cheers to Cheese Club is a simple way to experience incredible combinations. Each monthly shipment is a guided tasting through three ½-pound pieces of cheese and one accompaniment, all expertly selected to enjoy with that month’s suggested beverage. You’ll get an expert look at why these diverse picks are perfect pairings for the drink—whether it’s a wine, beer, cocktail, or mocktail—as well as a tasting worksheet to log your favorite bites. Whether you enjoy on your own or with friends, this club is like happy hour with a joyful dose of cheese education.

"The Cheers to Cheese Club is the perfect marriage of cheese education and happy hour fun. That's what makes it a versatile gift for any level of cheese lover—they can either dive deep into flavor education or just gather friends for a delicious night."
Murray's Merchandising – New York, NY
Become a Beverage Pairing Pro
With expert selections to pair with a beverage (a wine, beer, cocktail, or mocktail), you can mix and match your way to exciting bites every month.
Get Invaluable Resources
This club is like a Murray's class you can do on your own, with notes on each pairing, a detailed tasting guide, and a log to keep track of your favorites.​
Enjoy With Friends
This club's picks are also perfect for serving as a happy hour spread, with generous portions of cheeses you know will pair well with a drink.

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