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Brooklyn Cured Sliced Finocchiona

brooklyn cured sliced finocchiona meats

$12.00 / 3 oz Pack
brooklyn cured sliced finocchiona meats
Brooklyn Cured Sliced Finocchiona
  • Age: 45-60 Days
  • Pork
  • by Brooklyn Cured
  • United States

Brooklyn Cured Sliced Finocchiona puts a modern New York spin on an old European recipe. Finocchiona has roots in Renaissance Italy, when pork was cured and flavored with the fennel or finocchio that grew among the Tuscan hillsides. Today, Brooklyn Cured draws upon tradition to create this refreshingly herbaceous interpretation. Try it with Murray's Burrata and a smear of Fallot Smooth Dijon Mustard.

“Locally made and cured, this domestic take on an Italian classic is herbaceous and sweet, with a mineral flavor. Its incredibly tender mouthfeel makes it versatile, perfect for any fennel lover’s sandwich or charcuterie board. Pair with your favorite sheep’s milk cheese and some hot honey.”
Murray’s Head Monger – New York, NY
Pork, Salt, Spices, Dextrose, Celery Powder, Rosemary Extract, Cherry Powder, Fennel Pollen, Lactic Acid Starter Culture
  • Brooklyn Cured Sliced Finocchiona is a modern reimagining of a European classic seasoned with fennel pollen.
  • Finocchiona has roots in Renaissance Italy, when pork was cured and seasoned with fennel from the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside.
  • It gets its name from the Italian word for fennel: finnochio.
  • Salami dates back centuries, when meat was smoked and dried as a way of preserving it.
  • Salami is dry-cured, meaning it slowly dries in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment during the aging process.
  • Since 2010, Brooklyn Cured and founder Scott Bridi have masterfully created small-batch, artisan charcuterie.
  • Finocchiona is refreshingly herbaceous, perfect on any sandwich or paired with a creamy Burrata.
  • Brooklyn Cured draws upon the traditions of Italian salumerias, Lower East Side delis, French charcuterie shops, and German beer gardens to create their own artisanal dry-cured meats.
  • Scott Bridi, the Brooklyn-based founder, has over 15 years of experience in the food industry as a chef, butcher, culinary instructor, and charcutier.
  • He’s made charcuterie in some of New York’s best restaurants and butcher shops, even establishing a charcuterie program in a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn Cured uses pasture-raised, antibiotic-free meat in all of its products.
  • They draw inspiration from the diverse cultural and culinary history of Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods to create everything from dry-cured meats and sausages, to hot dogs and deli meats.
  • Brooklyn Cured has helped to usher in a new kind of Renaissance to the US charcuterie market, giving traditional European recipes for dry-cured meats a modern feel. 
Independently Owned
Gluten Free

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