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Cheese Explorer's Club

Cheese Explorer's Club
Cheese Explorer's Club

Take your taste buds on a one-of-a-kind journey every month with our Cheese Explorer’s Club. Murray’s mongers will be your guide through bold, unique picks, including two ½-pound pieces of cheese hand-selected from the hundreds of wheels in our cheese case, as well as one club-exclusive item. Whether it’s a special release from our caves, a sneak peek, or a collaboration with a favorite maker, this cheese or accompaniment is just for our explorers. And each monthly shipment is an adventure, with fun facts, expert tips, and a different monger lesson every month, so you can take your cheese expertise to the next level.

"Not all of my friends and family can make it to visit me at Murray's. But gifting this cheese subscription comes close. The unique cheeses and monger advice make it like a visit to our cheese counter delivered to their door."
Murray's Cheesemonger, Bleecker Street – New York, NY
Eat Like a Monger
Every selection is chosen by our experts for adventurous cheese lovers. They sample and select one-of-a-kind wheels and wedges just for this club.​
Experience Exclusive Picks
Get one exclusive item every month, not available to order on our site—a special Cave Aged wheel, a sneak peek, or a product only sold in our NYC shops.
Up Your Cheese Expertise
Discover real mongers' input and serving tips, as well as a unique monger-led lesson that's a deep dive into a fascinating cheesy topic.

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