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Cheese of the Month Club

Cheese of the Month

The most popular cheese gift! These unique cheeses are chosen to coincide with the seasons and holidays. Our hand-picked selections ensure exceptional quality. Club members receive three limited production cheeses each month, totaling 1.5 lbs., accompanied by our Master Monger description.

On the second Thursday of the month, you will receive the finest cheeses Murray's has to offer. If you're giving a club membership as a gift, we'll email you a welcome letter so you can give the gift of cheese directly, at your convenience. The club package will begin shipping the following month, i.e., orders placed in December start shipping in January. All prices for Cheese of the Month include shipping!

Cheese of the Month

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Oprah’s Must-Haves
"Gooey, creamy, rich — Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club is the ultimate gift for food lovers. Three half–pound cheeses are sent every month with a description of each one. I'd encourage the recipient to either do a lot of sharing or get the name of a good cardiologist."

Joanna Goddard, A Cup of Jo, in InStyle Magazine
"An awesome wedding gift idea! When you’re planning your wedding, everything revolves around the big day. A cheese of the month club gives the bride and groom something to get excited about after the honeymoon.”

Delish’s Gifts that Keep on Giving
"For the cheese lover comes Murray's marvelous mailing. Each month includes 1.5 pounds of tart, crumbly, and creamy cheeses in a variety of milk types (cow, goat, or sheep), textures (soft, hard, or medium), and flavor profiles. The assortment often is exclusive to cheese-of-the-month members.”

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Gift for Valentine’s Day
Murray’s Monthly Cheese Club & Meat Club makes a great gift because their cheese and meat experts recommend delicious selections that you would never think of trying.


"This Christmas, I felt luckier than ever when my friend Carolyn surprised me with the most generous food-related gift I’ve ever received: Cheese of the Month from my favorite cheese shop, Murray’s Cheese. …the best gift idea EVER!" – Erin B>

"As a thank-you gift, we were given the greatest gift we, as lifelong cheese lovers, could possibly imagine: a membership to Murray’s Cheese Cheese of the Month Club. " – Adam R.