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Antiche Bonta Buffalo Mozzarella 8 oz


If fresh mozzarella is the cheese you can’t wait to take home to Mom, Mozzarella di Bufala is the one you’ll feel compelled to marry on the spot.

Carefully crafted from the milk of water buffalo-- the richest milk in the cheesemaking arsenal, with more than twice as much butterfat as cow’s milk-- buffalo mozzarella is a gorgeous contradiction: at once feather-light and unmistakably rich, delicate and assertively full flavored, slightly sour, lightly gamy, buttery, grassy and tangy all at once.

Water buffalo weren’t bred for their efficiency- they give less milk than traditional dairy cow and require a skilled cheesemaking hand - but the extra effort is worth it. Cheesemakers in the Campania region of Italy stretch the rich, fatty curd into pasta filata (pulled curd) which they then wind into pillows of milky goodness.

Use it for homemade pizzas (the classic choice for a true Neopolitan), as the key ingredient in a caprese salad, or drizzled with wildflower honey or aged balsamic as a sweet-and-salty dessert.

Listen to Murray's Monger-in-Chief Rob Kaufelt talk about mozzarella di bufala on NPR's The Splendid Table

Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
Less than 2 weeks
8 oz