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Murray's Speck Sliced 3oz


Where the cool mountain air of the Alps meets the balmy Mediterranean breeze is where this salami is aged. Speck is permeated with a rich and luxurious flavor after being smoked with fires of beechwood for hours at a time over the course of several months. As a traditional dry-cured and smoked meat, this whole-muscle cut is velvety and fine when sliced. But where the tenderly sliced Speck shines is in the herbed crust made up of juniper, thyme, sage, and fennel. The complex and botanical notes that these herbs bring to the Speck will depth to a meat that is already flavorful on its own. Pair with a handful of dried cherries and a nice glass of sherry to really feel the crisp mountain air of the Alps first hand. Speck makes an amazing centerpiece to any cheese board, or if you’re feeling adventurous, top your favorite homemade pizza with it.

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3 oz