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Murray's Truffle Mousse Pate 7oz


The Truffle Mousse isn’t just decadent – this earthy, spreadable mousse combines all-natural, creamy chicken livers with flavorful ingredients. Porcini mushrooms, fragrant black truffles, and sherry come together to add robust complexity. A truffle-flecked layer of aspic crowns the top of the mousse, enhancing the deep mushroomy flavors. The Truffle Mousse is all-natural – only antibiotic and hormone free chickens are used to create this creamy mousse. For pairing, a mushroomy bloomy rind cheese or a glass of tawny port wine bring out the sweet and earthy tones. Enjoy by spreading over a simple French baguette or a hearty toasted cracker. It is all that you need to highlight this fragrant and earthy spread.

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