One Stop Accoutrements


The icing on the (cheese)cake. It's no secret we love all the flavors cheese provides. So of course we will do everything we can to get the most flavors out of any cheese in front of us. Who would have guessed a cheddar could taste like a savory dessert? Pair it with the right item and that is what you get! This assortment includes some of our favorite items to pair with cheese. Add these items to your spread, mix and match, and take your cheese experience to the next level.

One Stop Accoutrements includes:

TANGY California Dates

SWEET Dried Pears

SALTY California Pistachios

TART Turkish Apricots


One Stop Accoutrements contains 1.25 pounds of product.

*Please note this assortment does not include the Murray's Signature Gift Crate.

Just the Facts