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At Murray's, our mission is to bring the best cheese selection to America, and we’re doing just that through a partnership with The Kroger Company. Murray’s has been a New York food destination since 1940, and we’ve been shipping cheese by mail around the country for years. But until we partnered with Kroger, we had no way to bring the Murray’s experience to your community. We are excited to share cheese with you in mini-Murray’s shops found in select Kroger, King Soopers, QFC, City Market, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, and Smith's stores.


What is the Murray’s experience? It’s about sharing the cheeses (more than 150 varieties!) and many other artisan-made goods that we find across the world. It’s about teaching you cheese through tasting and introducing you to your cheesemaker. We’ll never stop learning and sharing cheese with you every day of the year – for your everyday cooking and snacking to your festive celebrations.

Find a Murray’s Near You

Locations in: Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Indiana, Michigan, Alaska, Virginia, New Mexico, Illinois, Nevada, and West Virginia. Find the nearest Murray’s to you!

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Monger of the Month

Zack Wanner

Cincinnati, Ohio

About Zack

Zack has worked for Kroger for 3 years; 2 with Murray's!
Zack is single and has no kids. Zack's "hobbies outside of cheese include, home brewing, film, reading, biking, and trying out new restaurants."
Zack, what do you love about your community?
"There isn’t much for me to not to love about my community. I love how open and supportive my community is to change. I live in a city that has been reviving downtownrecently to better fit our art, history, entertainment, and food."
If you could be a cheese, which would you be and why?
"I am Harbison by Jasper Hill, because I encourage eaters to get together and enjoy an awesome cheese party and I’m best served with an IPA!"
If you could spend the day with a cheese maker who would it be and why?
"Mary Keehn from Cypress Grove because she brought beautiful goats cheeses to the US and she’s not afraid to be a little different in the way she does things!"
If you could serve a cheese plate to 1 historical figure, who would it be and what would you serve him/her?
"I would love to serve a cheese plate to Voltaire. I would serve him a wonderfully ripe Epoissis, Tomme de Savoie, and a rich nutty Comte with Sesame 34 Degrees crackers, a selection of cured meats, and of course a Belgian saison to drink! Voltaire was a man who didn’t mind expressing his big opinions so I made a cheese plate with big flavors to match!"
What is your favorite pairing to educate customers on?
"I find that a lot of my customers respond well to a thin sliced salame with a dab of fig jam, and a little bit of shaved Podda Classico."
Do you have a signature mac-n-cheese or grilled cheese recipe?
"I love an open faced grilled cheese on thick cut sourdough with prosciutto and camembert then topped with a fried or poached egg."
What is your best piece of customer service advice to other mongers?
"Taste everything. You cannot educate customers fully if you let your palate become dull."
What are your favorite places to visit in your community and why?
"My absolute favorite place to hang out in Cincinnati is Madtree Brewing Company because of the fantastic beer and local food trucks!"
What is your favorite seasonal cheese this time of year? [Editor's Note: We asked him this question in the spring]
"Winnimere! Delicious new flavors every time you crack one open."

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