From the caves of Combalou in southern France, Roquefort, arguably the worlds greatest blue, has had its name and methods protected since 1411! Roquefort's heavenly flavor is reminiscent of the cavern air where the cheese ripens and the mold naturally grows, transmogrifying the Lacaune ewe's milk it's made of. This variety is round, deep, and perfectly balanced: big, creamy chunks of the paste dissolve on the palate like sharp, soothing milky lozenges. Sweet and fudgy, its linger is peppery and sometimes quite spicy. Traditionally (spectacularly) paired with Sauternes.

Just the Facts

Milk Type
2-4 months

Willi Lehner’s got cred. The son of a cheesemaker who emigrated from Switzerland to Wisconsin, the land of cheese and honey, Willi spent ten years making cheese abroad before returning to the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Bleu Mont cheeses are all the more incredible for what Willi doesn’t have—a single dairy animal or a lick of cheesemaking equipment. Willi makes cheeses from the quality milk of nearby farms at neighboring cheesemaking facilities before aging them in his own specially constructed caves in Blue Mounds.